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Cross training exercises

Exercising is very important in everyone's life and even though physical activity is not something we implement in our daily schedule regularly, it should be done because of its many positive effects on a human body.

Workout types

Basic types would include cardio workout, which emphasizes fat burning and creation of lean muscles, and there is also muscle mass building. These two basic forms have been used for creating many more variations of exercising used today. One of the more interesting variations is a cross training. What are cross training exercises and what are its benefits?

It has to be emphasized that all experts recommend changes in a training schedule from time to time. This means that constant repeat of the same schedule cannot create the same effect as it had in the beginning of the workout. This is because of the fact that our bodies get used to a certain schedule after a while, meaning that exercises become easier to perform. How is this countered? When it comes to muscle mass workout, adding weight will increase the resistance, which will induce further growth of muscles. In cardio workout, cross training exercises should be used. 

Cross training means that different forms of exercising should be performed. For example, if a person is constantly using running as a main exercise or just for warming up, that should be changed with swimming or aerobics. The basic form of the workout will remain the same, low strength output with allowed oxygen flow. But the muscles will be worked out differently, with slightly different contractions, speed, intensity etc. This is very important because it develops muscles slightly differently and covers all possible motions. This makes muscle even stronger and its endurance is increased too, which means that cross training is something that is done by top athletes for further improvement of the organism. Cross training can be done within one basic workout, and it can also combine different workout types.


One of the simplest examples is an athletic discipline called triathlon. It is a competition where athletes compete in three activities, running, swimming and riding a bicycle. It is obviously a very demanding discipline and only those in top form can engage in it.  Cross training is excellent for weight reduction, because a lot of calories can be eliminated by this source of energy. This is thanks to the fact that one muscle is put under all possible forms of strain.

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