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What would be the best beginner workout plan for exercising at home? People tend to have problems when starting, since there are many issues that make them stop with exercising after a while.

The plan

When it comes to the workout schedule, it has to be thoroughly organized. The schedule has to be organized so that when the session starts, a person does not have to think about anything else except the exercises. This is especially important for not losing focus and for being 100% dedicated to the workout session. The first that plan should include is enough rest between the two sessions, because a lot of time is needed for the beginner’s muscles to rest, which is of great importance if we want to avoid things like muscle spasms. Resting muscles also induces muscle growth and makes them well prepared for the next session.

If a workout is done without weights, then, a training session should include several basic techniques. Those are push ups, pull-ups, working out abs, back and quads. There are two major ways for performing these exercises and one of them is fast, with doing as much reps as possible. The other is trying to execute exercises slowly, so every muscle is affected and the number of reps is at a lower value. For example, push ups can be done with the pause when the body is up, at the peak. This builds our strength and endurance especially. Push ups are great because they cover so many muscle groups while exercising. Complete muscles in arms, including triceps and deltoid muscles, back muscles and even abs can be affected with this exercise. By elevating legs and widening the distance between the palms, the focus in push up is placed upon the chest muscles (pecs).

If weights are included, then it is safe to say that techniques with barbell and dumbbells should be enough for a start. All forms of bench press, biceps curl ups, abs exercise with the additional weight, triceps and biceps with dumbbells should be done. It is important to ask for a help from the present instructor or maybe even better, someone who is using the gym already.


This type of products should be avoided, at least in the beginning, but why is it so? The body has to get used to exercising and having muscles active all the time, which is even more emphasized when the regular exercises pushed the body to its limits and nothing more can be done. In that moment, all that is left is to turn to supplements.

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