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Exercising should be easy and fun, at least this is something that can be heard from time to time in certain campaigns for increasing physical activity. And to some point, that is really true. The problem is that this goes for all those who already are in a good physical condition and do not have any problems with extra weight. Those who do suffer from obesity might not benefit so much from fun and easy approach to exercising.

Focusing workout

Workout can be divided into overall body workout, which includes as much muscle groups as possible. This is usually a cardio type of workout, and a good example is spot jogging, which is a great exercise but it can also be used as a warming up part of any training session. Cardio workout is generally good for fat burning process, because it uses only low strength level so it can be done for a long period, which increases the value of needed calories.

The opposite to cardio would be resistance training, a type of workout that uses additional weight in order to put muscles into exertion and high tension for inducing the muscle mass growth. Obviously, this is something that most people want to achieve when they enter the gym. Muscle mass building can also be done with focusing several muscle groups at the same time, but it must also allow the practitioner to perform exercising forms that specifically target certain muscle groups. For example, there are back and bicep workouts, which develop muscles of those mentioned areas.


Biceps curl is one of the most common and needed exercises for those who want so-called big guns on their arms. To be performed, a practitioner must be in a standing position with the feet at the shoulders width. Barbell is held with palms looking up and in the starting position the arms are relaxed with the barbell held in front of the body. To perform the curl, the barbell must be lifted to the chest level, with Flexing the arms in elbows. Elbows must not move at all and propping the body should not be done either. That might simply decrease the efficacy of the exercise and that is not the goal. As for the back, there are several exercises that might help. Those are dumbbell pullovers, lat pull downs, dumbbell rows etc. Those are forms done with additional weight, but there are also some exercises that do not use the additional weight - push-ups, for example, which are excellent for both biceps and back area.

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