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When exercising, there should be some schedule made and followed, that is the only way to exercises properly and to get some results fast. This means that a person should decide what outcome is desired from the exercise routine.


Cardio and muscle mass building exercises as two main workout types. Cardio is all about reducing extra weight and creating lean muscles. This routine can include running and aerobics as well as other workout types such as pilates, yoga and swimming. This is a type of workout that can be done for a long time because oxygen is included in the muscle contraction process. Oxygen prevents fast accumulation of lactic acid, which exhausts the muscles. Completely opposite thing happens in muscle mass building, which requires quick contractions.

Muscle groups

Cardio exercises usually utilize several muscle groups at the same time. This is not the case with muscle mass building because sometimes focusing on just one muscle group might be a lot more effective when it comes to developing the muscle mass. Basic muscle groups include upper and lower arms, back, pectoral area, abdominal area and legs. Pectoral exercises for men should be a major part of each training session. To develop pecs properly, all sorts of bench press exercises should be done. The bench press is a basic exercise form that can be done in several different ways. The angle between the torso and legs can be changed, from 180 to about 45 degrees, and position of the hands holding barbell can also differ.

Some experts emphasize no pause between sets and different exercises because that will increase muscle mass more than a standard training session with some short pauses for muscles to rest. Both theories are logical so it is up to the person to choose how to act. As for pecs, there is another exercise that could be done without the help of weights. Those are push ups, which can be done in several different ways, and many muscle groups can be activated with this form, from triceps and biceps, all the way to abs and legs. Perhaps a proper combination of using additional weight and weightless forms would create the best possible results.

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