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Exercising can be effective only if several simple rules are followed. This means that a proper exercising plan has to be made and that plan has to be followed. It might be a bit easier if a person is practicing in a gym, since there is always someone who can help with exercising or some advice. Home workout can also be very effective but a person needs to know what to do and how to do it correctly.


When strength is mentioned, people immediately think of increased muscle mass or they create an image of a bodybuilder in their heads. This is partially true, but strength depends on the number of muscle cells and fibers, not the form. And when we know that bulked up effect is created thanks to the increase of space between the muscle cells, it is obvious that strength cannot be related to it directly. This means that success with strength training can be achieved with different workout types and it does not depend on the muscle mass only.


When it comes to cardio workout, it is based on using low level of strength in order for exercising to last longer, which will result in more intensive fat burning process. The point here is that cardio training can also be very intensive and exhausting. This, of course, depends on the training program. For example, one of the more intensive cardio workouts should start with spot jogging for warm up for a couple of minutes. First exercises are variations of spot jogging combined with raising knees. These are actually jumps, which are great for legs and gluteal muscles. But it is also important to say that this form greatly affects the core, especially if it is constantly in contraction. After this, abdominal exercises can be done, again without the pause, crunches all the way, all forms, all variations, with contracting abs as much as possible. For more effect, hands should be crossed behind the head, since this is a harder variation.

Push-ups can also be considered as a cardio workout, especially if a practitioner already has some strength in arms. Push-ups and crunches should be combined with classic aerobic forms, and even sprinting short distances can be added. For gaining strength it is also necessary not to waste body's energy on processing junk food. To gain much needed energy, enough of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, healthy food should be taken (a lot of fruits and veggies should be present in the menu).

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