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Exercising is important for many reasons. It includes better performance of several systems, enhanced immune response, increased amount of energy and libido, and of course, stronger muscles and better shaped body. These effects start to show after only several training sessions, and they increase as the exercising becomes more intensive, although it is also important to be regular.

Shaping the body

There are two general directions that can be taken when it comes to shaping the body. One is going towards fit and lean body, and the other is going towards bulked up body with the increased muscle mass. Practitioners can also choose to use the elements of both workout types and create a fit and strong body. Elements of fitness training can be implemented in muscle mass training for additional fat burning, but also for creating a cross training. Cross training is needed to keep the muscles active always. Muscles become used to the exercising especially if weight in not increased, so using cross training and increasing weight will keep the muscles constantly growing.

Lean body

A good fitness session has to include both cardio and muscle mass training. Cardio is generally used for elimination of the excessive fat tissue, while muscle mass training is for bulking up effect but it is also excellent for reduction of fat tissue. Muscle mass building is usually used for focusing upper torso, arms and shoulders, while fitness is used for shaping the entire body. A session should start with stretching and warming up. Warm up part might consist of spot jogging and jump variations. This part should not last more than 15 minutes and after that, building the core can be done. The core area is actually the abdominal area and corresponding region on the back. Abdominal exercises can be performed and for the maximum intensity, crunches with straight legs and hands crossed behind the head should be used. To do this exercise properly, head must be in the line with the back, not leaning towards the chest. This will also prevent the possibility of neck and head injury. After crunches session (several variations should be applied), push-ups should be done. These all would present some sort of cardio training. After that, dumbbells should be used for bench and shoulder press. Muscle mass will increase in accordance with the weight used in dumbbells. After this, another session of crunches can be done, but a different variation this time, and also some sort of aerobic/dumbbell combination for emphasizing the fat burning process.

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