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It is obvious that healthy body needs a lot of attention. To have a healthy and strong body, a lot of time and will is needed. Sadly, not many of us can afford that, but having that kind of body has its benefits. Besides having an attractive body, health is constantly present. A healthy body has a strong immune system that can win some battles with viruses and bacteria easily, strong muscles will help in standard daily activities, there is always enough energy for all functions, etc. So, being attractive is actually the least important thing when having a strong, fit, nicely shaped body.

Types of workout

What are the types of workout that should be applied and how to pick a proper schedule? The answer depends on what we actually want to do with our bodies. If we just want a great shape and lean muscles without a bulking effect, then cardio type is perfect. But, if we want big muscles, then something along the line of bodybuilding is needed. Some say that a combination of those two is the best thing to do, some sort of body fitness. When performing certain sets of exercises, it is obvious that certain muscle groups will be developed in a certain way. Lean muscles will be built through cardio workout, but it will not be possible for those muscles to lift certain weight that can be done by muscles worked out by bodybuilding. That is the problem when sticking to just one type of workout schedule. And that problem is present not only between different types of workout, but also between different exercises within one workout type. For example, some might say that skiing and running are similar cardio exercises, and they actually are. But if an experienced runner starts skiing, it would be as if he is using the same muscles (lean, strong and endurable from running) for the first time!

Cross training

This is where cross training workouts are needed. Trying your muscles with some new and different schedule will make them stronger, endurable and of course, able to perform different activities. This is especially emphasized for exercises within the same workout type, while it is a bit hard to achieve the same balance with the opposite workout types. Still, whatever workout used, with cross training or without, it is obvious that constant, daily physical activity is something we all need. It should not last for long, 30 minutes each day might be enough, even a long walk, if nothing else is possible. It is good for your health and you.

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