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Losing weight process is something that is highly wanted by all those who are having problems with excessive pounds, but still, it is not so easily performed. What is really needed for this process to start and how healthy or unhealthy can it really be? Exercises, diets, counting calories, using supplements – what is actually needed?

Physical activity

This is what is needed, nothing more and nothing less. An obese person just has to choose one of the home exercise programs for weight loss and to start applying it. There is not much more to say about it, except that it is easy to talk about something and plan it, but execution is something else. It requires determination, effort, sacrifice, mental strength, reorganization of life schedule, etc.

For physical activity to actually help when fighting obesity, it has to be said that exercising should be performed as much as possible, each time when a person can manage it. If not, at least three times in a week are needed, and the training session should be intensive. Although, that depends on the current physical condition of the practitioner, sometimes nothing but a walk with occasional jogging is possible in the beginning. However, the important thing is to start and to follow the schedule. In time, things will be better, weight will be reduced, fat tissue eliminated, and a person will be able to increase the intensity of a training session.


Today, many people decide to stay at home and fight their physical problem in the familiar surroundings. This might be a good idea because some time will be saved too (the time that would be needed for going to gym and back). Home exercise programs are usually based on cardio and calisthenics workout. Cardio is based on performing continuous motions without pausing (spot jogging) or performing numerous reps in sets, usually with low level of weight, because muscle fatigue should be avoided as much as possible. Calisthenics are exercises that do not use any other tool but the body of the practitioner. Effective exercises that are included in this group are push-ups, pulls-ups, crunches, squats, lunges, triceps dips, back exercises etc.

Obviously, there are numerous exercises that can be done for weight loss and shaping the body. All that is required is to actually do those exercises properly and regularly. Doing them properly might be a problem, especially if a person never did some of those exercises before. In that case, it might be recommended to ask someone who is experienced enough in this subject for help.

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