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Enhance the significant effect of extreme fitness exercise

Fitness exercise becomes more and more popular, which is partly because muscle mass building, as in bodybuilding, is not so popular anymore. True, it is still number one workout in all gyms, but people are slowly starting to turn to other workout types. And one of those is fitness. Many people think that just being fit is not requiring too much exertion but actually, the truth is quite opposite. Having no excessive fat and building lean muscles also needs a lot of effort and dedication.


Building lean and strong muscles requires a certain exercising path. For example, beginners might try jogging with some light aerobics. Later on, this can be more and more intensive until extreme fitness exercise is done. What would be the example of such a workout? First, as in all training sessions, no matter what type of workout is done, warm up and stretching should be performed. This is essential because that is the best way to avoid certain injuries. After that, spot jogging should be done. At first, this looks like an easy exercise, but if it is performed for a long period, it can be quite hard. Also, there are several varieties of this exercise and all of these should be done in this part of training session. Arms stretching should be combined with spot jogging. Again, this looks easy but doing it is something else.

Power jumping

When this is done, power jumping should be performed. To make this exercise very intensive and effective, a person should jump from a position which requires legs slightly bent in knees and torso leaned forward. When jump is done, while body is at peak, knees should be raised as high as possible. And when the body goes down, a practitioner should return to the starting position. This is physically very demanding, but it is very beneficial since it shapes and strengthens the entire body.

After this, spot jogging should be continued for a while, as a sort of resting pause. It should be followed by dumbbell shoulder press. Of course, dumbbells are not with big weight, only enough to strengthen the muscles a bit but still to keep the exercise in the realm of cardio workout. After this, jumping push-ups should be done. This is a regular push-up but with a twist. When the body is up, a practitioner should get up completely and jump. While going down, practitioner should fall immediately in a push-up position.

This is one series of exercises that should be repeated at least twice. The entire training session should be done for at least three times in a week. But, to enhance the significant effect of extreme fitness exercise, cross training should be included. This will make the effectiveness of exercising even higher and make a body stronger and more endurable.

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