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There are so manypeople exercising today that it could be said that regular physical activityhas become a regular part of people's lives. Still, even though a lot is knownabout the different types of workout, it is good to learn something about themechanism within the muscles. So, what is aerobic activity, what are itsspecifics?

The oxygen

While using low levelsof strength, a person does not get tired easily. This is because slow musclecontraction will allow the inflow of oxygen. In this situation, lactic acidaccumulates slowly and since it causes muscle exhaustion, this is why aerobicexercise lasts longer than anaerobic activity. Both activities use ATP asenergy source, a molecule gained from calories or from excessive fat tissue.Slow rate of muscle contractions enables performing many repetitions in anexercise set or performing one continuous motion for a long time (running, forexample).


Aerobic exercisesinclude forms that are based on moving the entire body (torso, arms and legs), which is excellent for fat burning process. This type of exercise will induceenergy consumption more than muscle mass building because of the constantmotions that might last for a long time. Exercises included in this type of physicalactivity consist of running, swimming, classic aerobics, step aerobic, exerciseball forms etc. Using some low weights can also be considered as a cardioworkout. Aerobic activity can be performed at home, while muscle mass buildingrequires certain specific machines, so a gym is inevitable. When creatingaerobic activity plan, it should include as much training sessions as possible,but also at least 24 hours between sessions for some quality rest. This is very important because muscles whichare not completely rested will easily subdue to spasms, cramps and strain. Atraining session should last for more than 30 minutes, because that is theaverage time needed for a fat burning process to start. If sessions are lightand short, there could be two of them in a day.

After some time, the intensity of aerobic activity should be increased, meaning that, forexample, jogging should be combined with sprinting. This is still aerobic,cardio activity, but with more fat burning and more body shaping. Later on, a combinationof cardio and resistance training should be done. When excessive fat is gone,toning and building muscles slightly should be done as well. This is performed with dumbbells (with no more than couple of pounds in each dumbbell). To create aperfect plan, exercising simply must go along with a good and healthy menu.

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