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Body fat is something that many people have to deal with, and the sooner they begin with it, the better, because each day spent living with obesity will increase the risk of becoming affected by some medical issue, usually a problem with the cardio vascular system and heart muscle. With this in mind, it is interesting how many people, even though aware of the possible problems, still do not do much about the extra weight. This is because people usually react when it is too late. When people are young, they carry the extra weight easily, but as the time goes by, there are more and more difficulties – reduced energy, shortness of breath, problems with joints (ankles and knees especially), fatigue.


This is the mightiest weapon when fighting some medical conditions, including obesity. People have to realize what the consequences of being obese are, since that is the only way to make them do something about it. And what can be done? Increasing physical activity is the most natural way of dealing with this problem. So, what are the exercises for burning body fat? Even though some will say that pure cardio is the best thing for fat elimination, some muscle mass toning should be done too because that will bulk up the body, making it look more attractive. This is especially interesting for men, while most of women, though not all, like to have lean muscles with fit body, of course.


Cardio can be applied for a longer time because muscle strength used is set at a low level, so fatigue comes after some time, not immediately, as it happens with muscle mass building (resistance training). Cardio can start with jogging (or spot jogging) for about 15 minutes, and then there are several possibilities. For example, aerobic exercise can be applied; it activates the entire body with constant motions performed by extremities and torso. Another option would be to continue with spot jogging, but to use several variations, with knee raising, normal jumping, side jumping, alternate jumping etc. Even though it looks easy, it is far from it. Even muscle toning can be performed with the help of dumbbells. Since fat burning is important, it might be wise to start with some light weights, and do many reps in a set. For creating a nice body, a combination of cardio and muscle mass building is needed. There are also basic strength exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, crunches etc.

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