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Is there a way to eliminate excessive weight with exercising only? Yes, it is possible and it just might be the most natural way, but this does not mean that overeating and using junk food will be allowed. Actually, bad eating habits can easily diminish the effects of the exercising. What does this mean? Eating normally and healthy is all that is needed for ensuring the weight reduction process, if a person is exercising.


Even though many people start to work out at home, gym is still a number one spot for most of people who want to include increased physical activity in their life. And it is really much easier exercising in a gym then ensuring some space at home for this activity (including some gear such as weights, a bench, a cardio machine etc.). And the good thing about the gym is that there is always someone who can help with advice and perhaps assist with certain exercises (bench press, for example).

Losing weight

In order to lose weight, a person needs to exercise. This can be done with cardio workout or with resistance training, or some hybrid combination. It is true that any type of workout will burn calories, but also, it has to be mentioned that cardio should be more effective for this. Cardio applies low level of strength and in this way, physical activity can be applied for a long time (jogging, for example). Of course, in a gym, jogging is performed with the help of treadmill. Treadmills and elliptical trainers are great for people who want to eliminate excessive weight. Exercising on these machines is excellent as a part of the training session or as an entire session, which can last for 45 minutes or even longer.

Jogging and spot jogging are, as said, great for weight loss. But weights can also be used for cardio workout, although the weight lifted must allow many reps in one set, much more than done in muscle mass building. This is also great for making lean muscles and toning them. It can be said that combination of cardio and resistance training should be the best option for weight loss, because it includes two ways in which muscles are working, which should consume more energy than only one type of workout. Also, strengthening the core is a great thing for those who are in need of weight loss. Crunches, sit ups, leg raising, these all should be done for additional weight reduction.

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