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Aerobic exercises are included in a cardio type of workout. What is cardio good for? It is an excellent workout for all those who are interested in elimination of the fat tissue first, and then comes the desire for increasing muscle mass. Aerobics will create a fit body and lean muscles. So, what is the mechanism behind the aerobics for beginners?


Aerobics mean that there is always oxygen present in the muscle contraction process. This happens because muscles are contracting slowly. This all will decrease the speed of lactic acid accumulation. Many experts claim that this acid is directly responsible for the accumulation of the lactic acid in the organism, although there are some new theories that claim the opposite. Anyway, exercising can be done for a long period with cardio workout, but because there is no resistance training, muscles will not get that bulked up effect. The point of aerobics is in activation of all muscle groups at the same time with using low strength level. Since muscles are engaged constantly but not intensively, lean muscles are made. Also, physical activity has several positive effects such as stronger immune system, better functioning of several systems, more energy, more libido etc.


Aerobics might include running, swimming; all exercises that do not include additional weight. That weight will induce resistance training and muscle mass building. Training session should always begin with some warm up and stretching. Stretching is very important for avoiding the possibility of getting injured, which might happen easily. Spot jogging is excellent for warming up, especially if the training session is performed indoors. Spot jogging is great because it can be done in several ways, both easy and hard, and therefore, more energy can be consumed, which leads to burning more calories. After initial part, there are classic aerobic exercises, which are quite similar to warm/stretch part but are performed more intensively and with more repetitions. Exercises include circle motions with arms combining with leg kicking motions. There is also waist rotation and moving torso aside.

There are some standard exercises such as squats, jumping jacks, even push-ups can be considered as aerobics if a light variation is done. That variation includes propping a body in hands and knees instead of hands and feet. This will eliminate some weight for lifting, which makes the exercise considerably easier. It is also important to include a proper diet. The diet must not be anything too intensive because it will exhaust the body, considering that physical activity is present.

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