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Cardio workout is one of the most efficient methods for fat elimination. However, there are so many different workout types and training schedules, so why is intense cardio much more efficient at burning fat tissue?

Cardio exercising

First of all, all exercising techniques can be divided into those that use oxygen and those that don't. The use of oxygen is possible if the muscle contraction is slow, which happens with cardio workout when the strength needed for performing the exercises is set at a low level. This low level does not allow the muscles to become tired easily and that is why exercising can be done for a longer time than resistance, anaerobic training. This means that more repetitions in a set can be performed and exercising with continual motions will last longer - running would be the simplest and best example. Constant workout that last for a long time is better for fat burning than other workout types and that is why cardio is recommended for all those who need to reduce excessive weight.

Beginners should not exaggerate much. Even though low strength output is needed, this does not mean that exhaustion will not occur. But, to increase the effect of the cardio training, that training has to be intensified after a while. Planning an intensive cardio workout is not easy because it has to complement the physical condition of the practitioner.


It is already said that running is one of the most effective and obvious cardio exercises. But in order to create a practical training session, spot jogging must be included. This is excellent exercise because it resembles running and it is great for the warm up part. Spot jogging can turn into really intensive training session if it is prolonged for some time. Not only that, several variations of spot jogging can be done, including jumping forms, knee raising, arm swinging etc. Even though it does not look very exerting when watched aside, it is physically very demanding and presents a good intro for the rest of the training session. Intense cardio can and should include building the core area and one of the good exercises for that is crunch. It is performed with a practitioner lying on the floor and with simultaneously raising torso and legs, closing the distance between them. This basic form has several very hard variations, which all present excellent and intensive cardio workout forms. With intensive exercising, no mater what type of workout is chosen, it is essential to eat properly. Dieting is allowed, but only if that does not harm the health of the practitioner.

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