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Creating a slim and fit body can be done, and it does require some exercising and specific diets, but nothing rigorous. This means that healthy organism can be made and maintained. Using fast diets might not be so healthy, although it is obvious that weight loss will come much sooner. Anyway, the final result of the changed life regime will depend on the practitioner and his or her desires. Usually, men prefer strong and toned muscles with a bulked up effect, while women generally just want a total fat elimination and lean muscles. This means that no bulk up effect is necessary; sometimes even a skinny body is desired in cases of women. So, ho to get skinny thighs, torso, arms etc?
Cardio workout
When a skinny look is desired, this means that the entire excessive fat tissue has to be eliminated but muscles must not be pumped. For this to happen, only cardio exercises are allowed. Cardio workout is based on the influence of oxygen in the muscle contraction process, which is generally slow and uses low strength level. It is obvious that whatever type of exercise is used, muscles will have to be active to a certain level. Cardio includes exercises like running, use of treadmill, elliptical trainer, fast walking, aerobics, yoga, Pilates, cardio with exercising ball etc. Even some resistance training can be done, but only if resistance is very low, so muscle mass building process will not start. Cardio workout develops lungs and heart and also starts muscle toning to some small percentage.
Step aerobic exercises can be great for creating lean thighs. They do not put much strain on the thigh muscles, but this effort is still enough for a fat burning process to start. Step aerobic is usually performed with some dance music, which makes the training session much more fun and interesting. Step aerobic and basically all other forms, classic aerobics and jazzercism constantly keep the legs active but with low strength output, so they can be performed for a long period. Also, walking some short distance on a daily basis is also beneficial, for example, walking from job to home should do the trick (if that option is viable).
Since muscle mass is not what is wanted in this situation, the intake of proteins should be reduced but only to a minimum of required amount, not less than that. If a practitioner takes less protein than needed, the organism will have to respond with taking proteins from muscle tissue. Even though degradation of muscle tissue will create skinny look, that is not healthy in the long run and should be avoided.

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