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The lean body: high intensity interval training

Creating a lean and strong body can be done with the help of cardio workout, but it can also use some additional options, which will make it even more attractive and stronger.

Basic workout that will make the lean body is cardio workout. It is based on the low level of strength needed for performing the exercises. Since muscle contraction is slow, oxygen flows in freely and prolongs the exercising process. This workout is excellent for fat burning because it keeps the entire body active, affecting all muscles. Lean body is gained through this type of exercising but with strong muscles.

Advanced methods

Basic exercising is quite all right, but there are also things that can be done for those practitioners who always ask for more. For example, high intensity interval training is something that should be done by those that consider standard cardio workout too easy. What are the basics of the interval training? Simply explained, that would be switching form high to low intensity workout, but in the same training session, of course. So, what is gained with this? Well, these bursts of high paced, intensive exercising in a regular training tempo will definitely activate the body more, put it under more strain, increase the rate of basal metabolism somewhat more and, of course, more calories will definitely be burned.

It also has to be said that performing one activity for a long period will make it easier for the body and thus less energy will be spent for performing it. This must be avoided and since this problem cannot be solved as in resistance training with increasing the additional weight, something else must be done. That else is changing the rhythm of the exercising drastically. For example, running can be splashed with sprints. Running out as fast as possible for only couple of seconds will boost the fat burning process dramatically, and will also prepare the muscles of the practitioner for the next challenges.


It does not have to be the same type of exercise. For example, running can be splashed with push-ups and sit-ups. This will rest the muscles used in running up to a certain point, but new activity will strain the body in a different way. Without any additional weight, lean muscles will be created. For a bulking up effect some weight must be used, but that is up to the practitioner's desires.   

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