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Weight reduction is a process that requires only one thing, burning more calories than taken with food. This can be done in two basic ways, with the help of dieting and with the help of exercising. Exercising presents a healthier method, while dieting might be more effective, at least in a short run.


Physical activity has several benefits for the human body and it should be performed as often as possible. This is something that everyone knows, but only a small percentage of people actually exercise. Workouts can be done at home or in a gym. The type of workout also depends only on person doing it. There are many training schedules that have several effects, and only one of the effects is fat burning and creation of lean muscles. This type of workout is a so-called cardio workout and it is based on the use of oxygen, which participates in the muscle contraction process. In that way, tiredness of the muscles is postponed because the accumulation of lactic acid is drastically slowed. This type of exercising creates a fit and slim body with lean muscles. Cardio workouts for weight loss are running, swimming, aerobics, yoga, interval training, plyometrics etc.


Most common and popular cardio workout would be running. It is a great exercise that utilizes several muscle groups and also burns a lot of fat, especially if running is executed for a long period of time and at a good pace with implemented elements of interval training. Interval training requires changing of the pace of the exercise. When it comes to running, it should be splashed with sprints, from time to time. This is important because when exercising for a certain period, the body gets used to that physical stress and the energy used for that wanes, which is not good for a fat burning process or for muscle mass building. So, the routine has to change and the body needs a more intensive challenge.

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Of course, exercising can be done with some dieting. Actually, almost all people who are physically active are also on some sort of eating regime. It would be illogical to waste all that time spent exercising then eating some junk food afterwards. Therefore, a healthy, balanced diet is needed. One that will include at least 5 meals with enough nutrients to satisfy body's needs for energy. Ratio of nutrients will vary depending on the type of exercise and the amount of fat tissue that has to be eliminated.

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