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When it comes to losingfat tissue, people sometimes just start something without even knowing what theyare getting into. They think that if they start a diet, start with push ups -everything will be OK. Well, that will be helpful, but not as much as we wouldwant and definitely not as much as some serious exercising plan would be. Tolose weight properly and effectively a plan is needed; not something that willmake you slim in a matter of weeks, but some plan that will, over months, makeyour body completely healthy (with losing fat tissue as just one of thebyproducts). When people start thinking like this, the effect will betremendous.


What is the bestcombination of dieting and exercising? This is a tough one to answer and wemight say that it is the one you can get used to easily and follow its ruleswithout any problem. But, that is just a theory. Choosing a favorite diet andset of exercises will make you obey dietary and exercising rules more easily,which is good, but is that the best combination for you? There are some thingsthat need to be known for a combo to be explosive. Those are muscle to fatratio, amount of excessive water in the organism, basal metabolism rate etc.When these are known, a proper diet and workout can be set. This is moreemphasized when it comes to dieting. Exercises can vary; the only importantthing is to do cardio exercises. This is because cardio workout might be thebest possible solution when it comes to losing fat tissue. Except for one thing– cardio interval training. It is basically mixing of different intensities ofthe same cardio exercise. For example, running at a certain pace, thensprinting for 10 seconds, and repeat. Time between sprinting and jogging mayand should change, and the duration of sprint should also be different. Why isthis important?

The habit

We are creatures ofhabits and this automatically goes for our organisms. This means that if we runat one same pace all the time, the body will get used to it and it will startsaving calories. That is one of the main roles of the organism, to preserveenergy for starvation period, if it ever comes. Our body does not know that wewant to lose that fat, it has to be tricked. And this is done with a constantchanging of the exercises and the tempo within an exercise. This is the besteffect of the cardio interval training.

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