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It is obvious that exercising today is much more than simplydoing push ups and lifting weight. It is an entire science now, one that will helpus reach the wanted goal in the shortest possible time. Exercising has the severalbenefits, with weight reduction and increased muscle mass as basicimprovements. Additional benefits include enhanced systems (respiratory, metabolic,digestive, immune) and the increased energy for performing all dailyactivities.

Types of workout

There are many different training types, but they are allbasically divided into those that build lean muscles (cardio workout) and thosethat bulk up muscles maximally (with additional weight as in bodybuilding).These workouts, solo or combined, are used not only by recreationalpractitioners, but also by professionals in many different sports.

For example, most of the martial arts need balancedtraining that emphasizes both strength and endurance. Cardio exercises aremostly used for running, swimming, cycling and similar activities. One of themore interesting physical activities is cycling interval training. This type oftraining is excellent for boosting the endurance in muscles. The exact form ofthis training is not precise. There have been several studies that showed howdifferent approaches to interval training can produce the same results. Forexample, it is proven that 8 intervals that last for 4 minutes with only 85% ofmaximum strength used creates the same effect as with 12 intervals that lastfor half a minute and with almost 200% of the maximal strength. It is obviousthat in this particular part of workout, a lot has to be learned yet toestablish what might be the best possible option for creating the best results forathletes.

Learning about duration of intervals, number of intervals, the strength output and what is the best possible combination, that all isneeded for creating best possible interval training, for cycling or some otherphysical activity.

Nutrients and vitamins

Intake of nutrients is very important for any type ofphysical activity. The amount must not exceed the allowed amount and also theproportion of nutrients has to be exact. This means that the majority ofcalories have to be taken from carbohydrates, then from proteins and fat shouldbe at the last place (and only from healthy fat acids). Vitamins and mineralshave to be present too, for maintaining the proper electrolytic balance and forensuring a proper execution of chemical processes in the organism.

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