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Workout can be divided into several types, but most basic are cardio and muscle mass building. The main difference between these two when it comes to visual aspect is in the shape of muscles. Muscle mass increase will create a bulk up effect, while cardio induces lean shape. Both of these types activate fat burning process, but it can be said that cardio is much more suitable for that because it often uses low strength output, which enables a practitioner to exercise for a long time and that is excellent for elimination of excessive fat tissue.

Muscle mass building

This type of workout is usually preferred by men, although more and more women are engaging in this activity. It has to be said that muscle mass building is something that should not require too much thinking, only work and effort. What would be the most important techniques for muscle mass building workout, the key exercise for those who want to perfect their bodies? There are several exercises that have to be used and even though there are many new techniques that supposedly increase muscle mass, old school workout is still the best. Those exercises are based on a compound training. This type of training is known for the fact that several muscle groups are activated at the same time. Even though it might seem that the effect of this workout is lesser than with exercises that focus only one muscle group or one muscle, the truth is that the compound training is the best option for getting a bulked up effect.


It is no brainer that in order to increase muscle mass, there are some exercises that should not be missed during exercising. Those are bench press, deadlifts, shoulder press, squats and bar dips. These would be some basic forms that have several variations for affecting additional muscle groups. Most of these can be performed both at home and in the gym, so it is safe to say that muscle mass building is not strictly confined to a gym space.

And more

To make muscle mass building process even more effective and faster, supplements should be used. There are fat burners and muscle mass gainers. Other important supplements include those that help with the muscle recovery (important for a practitioner to be well rested before the training session), energy boosters and vitamin cocktails.

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