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Interval training on treadmill

Exercising today differs a lot from exercising only couple of decades ago. This is thanks to the development made by science, which allowed us to use many tools and instruments in the training process. But, the basics are still the same.

Types of exercising

Exercising can point us toward increased fat burning or toward increasing muscle mass. Increased fat burning is done with the help of cardio exercises. Those exercises include swimming, running, use of treadmill, aerobics, yoga etc. Actually, all those exercises that utilize low strength level and can be repeated for a long time are included in cardio workout. Since the muscle tension is at low level, oxygen has enough time to enter the muscle cell and to prevent the occurrence of lactic acid. Lactic acid is the main reason tiredness affects muscles and therefore, the exercise has to stop at one moment. There is also another type of training, we might call it a subtype of cardio workout and that is interval training. It is all about the changing the pace of exercising, which should be applied, for example, while running, jogging and sprinting. Also, duration and intensity of those two elements should be changing constantly. Why is this important?

The habit

When a person exercise with a certain tempo, and if the tempo never changes, it is obvious that at some point, the organism will get used to that exercise, almost as if it is some sort of physical habit. When that happens, fewer calories are spent for executing that activity. That is something we want to change and therefore, the organism needs to think that there is no need for preservation of the calories (fat tissue). Therefore, when running, sprints must be added. Another interesting option is interval training on treadmill, especially for those who do not have enough time for getting to a jogging track or a gym. Also, there are people who simply prefer exercising at home; it does have its own benefits. This is why a good treadmill needs to be bought with an easy access to changing pace and angle, for increasing and decreasing the intensity of physical activity, which is essential for a proper interval training. Interval training is excellent form for improved fat reduction and should be implemented in all workout schedules. Since we have been mentioning the importance of pace and exercise changing, interval training should be done twice, maybe three times in a week. Other days should be occupied with different workout types.   

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