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Exercising is so much more than attacking the weight, sweating over the crunches, or crossing another mile when the body is completely exhausted. Exercising is about creating a healthy body, capable of performing all required daily activities without any problem and without becoming tired. But of course, for most people, this is secondary reason for exercising, the primary being referred to having great looking muscles and no fat tissue present in attractive body.The shape

Well, it is a good reason, and if it will activate people, then it is even better. But, wanting to start a program is not enough. A person should know what exercises to do and how. It might seem silly to learn about doing a push-up properly, but many people do it the wrong way. One of the essentials when it comes to push-ups is keeping a straight line of the neck, back and legs. This is the hardest variation and the most effective variation when it comes to strengthening the muscles engaged in this motion. But this is not all. Before a training session even starts, a person should warm up and stretch thoroughly. Stretching the muscles is essential because it will prevent injuries (spasms, strains, even the tearing of muscle fibers). During exercising, muscles are engaged in a certain motion which is repeated continuously. Stretching activates the muscles in an opposite direction; therefore, the risk of injury is decreased.Spine issues

Stretching is also good for bones and joints (ligaments, tendons). Stretching the spinal column and increasing the space between vertebra will prevent possible injuries, which might occur in this area. One of the most problematic medical issues is a nerve pinched between vertebra. Usually, this happens to sciatic nerve, which might cause a lot of pain. This pain can spread towards the entire lower back area and it can also spread into legs, sometimes even down to the feet. Pain is not always the symptom, but there is tingling and throbbing sensation (also uncomfortable ones). The problem with this condition is that it might become a lot worse and even prevent further physical activity.

Other problematic conditions that might occur because of exercising are exhaustion and dehydration. Exhaustion is caused by over-training and can be treated easily with rest only. Dehydration might be a bit more problematic, because besides water, electrolytes should be compensated too. Obviously, exercising requires additional caution, without which increased physical activity might cause some problems.

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