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There are so many different medical problems that mightaffect people that it is really hard to defend your health these days. This meansthat medical prevention should probably be the best possible method for dealingwith some conditions. With this said, people should start acquiring as muchinfo as possible on certain medical conditions and how to avoid those. Thismeans that certain measures need to be taken. One of those measures is healthyeating. With healthy eating it is quite possible to avoid many heart issuesand problems that might emerge within blood vessels. Also, with keeping theweight within the normal range, the amount of energy will always remain thesame and will not be wasted on maintaining those extra pounds.

The problem

The problem is that medical prevention cannot help you withsome conditions nor can it help you when some accidental injury happens. Withmen, this is all pointed to the address of people who are exercising or whosuddenly raise something heavy (men and furniture situation, usually). Also, withoutstretching and warming up before the training session, the risk of getting injuredis increased. One of the most problematic injuries that might happen is thepinched nerve in the back. This happens when the pressure is applied on thenerve that exits the backbone. There are several causes of this problem, but morecommon is the pressure applied by the vertebra (due to malformation) and also,the inflammation of the entire area can also affect the nerve. When thishappens, usually pain and tingling sensation spread along the entire path of thenerve, usually throughout the legs down to the feet.

The solution

This is a problem that can generate a lot of discomfort ifleft untreated. The main thing would be to go to a doctor and analyze thesituation properly. Perhaps it is something that will pass on its own after awhile, but it also might be something that will stay for a long period of time. Asfor some treatments, there are numerous things that could be done. If theinjury just happened, it might be for the best to apply ice as much asendurable, in order to reduce the possible swelling and inflammation. If thatphase is over, then warming up the area might help, with warming the region andrelaxing the surrounding muscles. There are also physical therapies, electro therapy, whereas the use of medicaments is allowed if the pain is unbearable. There is also aninteresting form of the treatment, called inversion table. It is used to place apatient upside down, which increases the space between vertebra in the backbone and that might free a pinched nerve.

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