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Running is a cardio workout exercise that's characterized by the use of oxygen in the muscle contraction process. The presence of oxygen postpones the accumulation of lactic acid, which is directly responsible for exhaustion and tiredness of the muscles. This is why cardio exercises can be performed for a long time


Running is an excellent exercise because it has several positive effects on a human body. First of all, there is weight reduction, which starts with fat burning. Fat burning begins when there is not enough energy sources in the food we take each day, and the body needs to turn to glycogen reserves When glycogen is depleted, fat tissue starts to burn. While running, almost all muscle groups in the body are affected (some more, some less, of course); leg and back muscles are constantly working, legs for movements, and back for a proper posture. The important thing to know about running is that the exercise itself needs to be changed from time to time, which means that the intensity has to increase after a while. As with any exercise, the body will slowly become used to certain physical stress and then the exercise will not be as effective as in the start. To prevent this, an increase of pace has to be introduced. For example, mixing in a short sprint while jogging. This is a great method to keep the body occupied for as long as possible, and to keep the muscles under constant tension. Also, cross training should be used from time to time in order to activate the constantly used muscles in some different way. For example, running should be complemented with swimming and riding a bicycle.


As with any exercise, a warm up and stretches before running are needed and stretching should also be done right after running. Stretching is important because it helps to avoid some problematic injuries that might occur, including possible strains (muscles, ligament, tendons) and in some extreme cases, even muscle tear. Some supplements can be used afterwards, the ones that would speed up the muscle recovery process. As for warm up, preparing knee areas is very important for runners.

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