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Exercising is something that has so many benefits for the human organism that it really should be performed each day. The problem is that most of the people do not have the time, or simply do not want to engage in any physical activity. That would not be a problem, but usually those people suffer from some minor medical issues, while on the other side, obesity and some serious conditions might emerge (diabetes, for example).


Workout should be performed as often as possible, although at least three times in a week should be some optimum. This would be enough for some positive effects to kick in. Those are weight reduction (thanks to fat burning process), stronger immune system, increased overall energy etc. In order for workout session to be the most effective, some steps should be known.

Warm up

Since physical activity includes some sort of motions (body and arms), those areas should be warmed up to a so-called working temperature. This will prevent some mechanical injuries that are not dangerous but are discomforting and might postpone the next exercising session (spasms, muscle cramps, muscle and ligament strain etc.).


For preventing the same injuries, stretching is needed. Exercising usually involves muscle contraction for performing the same motion over and over. Stretching should include engaging the muscles in opposite motion. This is also necessary because with constant flexion, muscles tend to shorten a bit, while with extension of those muscles, that is prevented. There are certain forms that should be done in the stretching part of the workout. Back extension exercise is very important and should not be skipped. Most common form include simply standing up and then bending the torso forward as much as possible, trying to touch the toes with fingers, of course, without bending legs in the knees. Second form requires from a practitioner to sit down and bend legs with feet pulled in toward stomach. Torso is bent forward then as much as possible. For increased effect an assistant should press the knees so that the inguinal area is maximally extended.

This process should be repeated even after the training session is over. Actually, it might be even more important to do it when muscles have been repeating those same motions. Even though workout is something really beneficial, there are people who might be suffering from some underlying conditions that might be very dangerous for the health. Therefore before starting with some workout schedule, it would be a smart thing to go for some basic medical examination.

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