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Health is one of a few things we should try to keep themost. Unfortunately, the way of living we are literally forced to follow doesnot leave much space and time for preparing some healthy meals, for qualityexercises, for enough resting, for a life without stress etc. But, somereorganization of life might help. There must be time for exercises, and a bitmore for healthy meals, if nothing else.

Importance of physical activity

Being physically active will get you strong muscles and afit body, but not only that, there are some additional benefits that are veryhelpful, including increased rate of the basal metabolism, more energy for allactivities, and stronger immune system. This is what happens when exercising ismoderate and regular. If type of workout is bodybuilding, it is something a bitdifferent. Anyway, physical activity through weight reduction prevents certainmedical issues that might occur if extra fat tissue is present for a long time.Those conditions are increased blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes etc.Mental health can be disturbed too with the decrease of the self-confidence.

Strain of the muscle

Still, if the someone is exercising regularly, some rules have tobe set to prevent injuries from happening, which means that before and after thetraining session, there must be a stretching period (and warming up before thestart). Stretching and warming muscles is very important because it raises thetemperature and the flexibility of the muscles. It is also beneficial for moreefficient performance during a training session. Strain of the muscles is not painfulmuch, but it can last for a couple of days, even more, and that is the period whenusually no physical activity is possible. But muscle strain does not come onlybecause of exercising.

Trapezius muscle strain can emerge because of the badposture while sitting for a long time (because of job, for example). It ispresented with a pain in the back, especially between the shoulder blades. Itis not an intensive pain, but it is always present, a constant reminder thatthere is something wrong with your back. The pain can even spread towards the neckarea and also lower, towards lumbar area. This pain can be alleviated with aproper posture, with occasional stretching, and if possible, exercising. Andif none of those helped, it is obvious that a visit to a doctor is obligated.Pain meds might be used, but only if those are prescribed by a medical expert.

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