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Being healthy and having a fit and strong body is not doneonly with cardio workout and muscle building. There are some additional thingsthat should always be performed, without exception. For example, when beginninga training session, it is very important to stretch and warm up properly, and afterthe exercising is over, stretching should be done again.


Some experts will say that stretching might be the mostimportant part of each training session. Good stretching is very important becauseit prepares the muscles for a challenge that comes. Flexibility of the musclesincreases and injuries can be prevented. Resistance stretching is the mostcommon form and it is presented with getting muscle under tension whilelengthening them as long as possible. One of the basic back stretches includesstanding on the floor and then bending the torso front and down as much aspossible, trying to reach the toes with fingers, while at the same time the legsmust not be bent in knees.

Middle back stretches, along with upper and lower back arealso very important because they can prevent back injuries. A medical examination is advised prior to starting any regiment, but by doing these stretches and exercises you will strengthen your core, which will help in the elimination of pain and weakness. In some serious cases, physical activity can only create more problemsand it should stop until doctor gives a green light.

Another back stretch, easy to perform requires lying down onthe back with legs bent in the knees, while feet are on the floor. Thighs arepulled up to the chest as much as possible, until tension is felt in the back.


When stretching is done, the real deal begins. It has to besaid that good warm up and stretching are essential for good exercising. For thosewho have extra fat tissue, cardio workout is something that must be done. Eventhose who want strong muscles but still have fat will have to createsome combination of cardio and muscle mass building. It is not that muscle massbuilding is not reducing weight; it is just that cardio does it much better.When fat is gone, if a person desires it, muscle mass can only be performed, although cardio should be done in order to improve the overall health status of theorganism. When training session is done, stretching must be done again,effectively and properly.

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