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What do people actually do when it comes to health? The truth is that most of them, unfortunately, do nothing. Those few that might even think about it, do only that - they think, while there is really a small percentage of those who really do something and try to be healthy. Why is this even important? Well, using our thinking for long-term health will enable us to have quality lives, even when we become older. So, what can be done, what must be done?

Eating habits

This is one of the more important things, and some attention is needed here. A person should really think hard about what is put into stomach. Healthy food will be processed much easier and faster, which makes things so much easier for the digestion tract. Amount of food put into stomach should not be big, and it is recommended for it to be rich in fibers. Also, fruits and veggies should be used as much as possible because they are good source of vitamins and minerals, and those should be included in a daily menu. Gastrointestinal tract should not be burdened with too much food or with food which is not easily digested. This all might create problems later in life, so people should start thinking about it as soon as possible.

Activity habits

People should be physically active as much as they can. This does not mean there has to be at least couple of intensive training sessions in a week, because sometimes nothing more than a walk is required, with a bit faster pace and some light aerobic forms, nothing longer than 30 minutes in a day or even shorter, but performed twice in a day. It was proven that this method is as good as having one intensive training session in a couple of days.

Also, it would be smart to perform all sorts of different activities, to keep the entire body active, and to always challenge the muscles. Stretching and extending are important because they will prevent problems with joints. Arthritis is one of the medical issues that might affect the joints more than anything else. The back should not be left out from exercising either. There are several problems that might emerge with the back area, especially the lower one (in most cases, nervus ischiadicus is damaged). Back issues might become very problematic if those were not solved in time.

Living healthy also includes reducing stress to the minimum. This just might be the most problematic thing to achieve, but if it is not done, mental health might be disturbed and that has to be avoided at any cost.

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