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Living with a Double Chin

Many of us have this double chin of ours to worry about. Even though harmless, this phenomenon can be quite unappealing physically and aesthetically, often bearing witness of our necessity to lose weight or telling people that we live an unhealthy, static life, spending all our time gobbling on food. Well, there are several exercises which can prove to be more than helpful when it comes to treating double chin and making it disappear. All you need is a bit of time and concentration during your busy day, and the exercises mentioned below. Once you combine these two factors, you will notice that your double chin is gone and your self-confidence levels are much higher than before.

Exercises for Getting Rid of Double Chin

The first exercise for reducing and, eventually, removing your double chin, involves you opening your mouth wide, putting the stress on your jawbone and the muscles of your lower chin. Once you open the mouth you are to close it and repeat the exercises five times. What is more, you may perform this exercise while sitting in a chair or even lying in bed. Thus, the combinations are endless and it is up to you to find the best possible one.

Secondly, you are to sit in a chair, keep your back straight and your shoulders locked in a single position. Then, move your neck backwards so that your chin gets retracted as much as possible. Hold the limit for about 15 seconds and return to the initial position and repeat the whole process five times.

Alternatively, you may also try lying down, with your body relaxed and your hands resting besides you. Then, raise your head by using your neck and try to touch your chest with your chin. Again, five repetitions will suffice.

Finally, you can keep your neck muscles stretched at all times, resulting in them being tighter and your double chin gone or less visible. You might do this even while sleeping, laying down your head in a manner which provides your chin muscles a stretch. Of course, if obesity or being overweight is the cause of your problem, start exercising and change your diet into a healthier and more moderate one. The loss of weight may have the loss of double chin as a positive side-effect.

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