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Despitemany objections and unwillingness to accept this fact, double chin is actuallya byproduct of increased buildup of fat deposits, for this area represents aspot which is almost perfect when it comes to storing fats. Given that fact andthe nature of the problem, it is important to emphasize that it cannot beisolated and “treated” as such. In order to battle it off with success, it is ofutmost importance to keep one’s body as healthy as possible, as well as to adhere toa specific diet designed especially for the purpose of losing the excessiveweight. Therefore, double chin exercises come only as a compliment to the abovementioned vital success-prerequisites.


Interms of this specific type of exercises, the main focus is on one muscle, i.e.the platysma. The muscle in question is held responsible for the downwardmovement of the person’s jaw, as well as of one’s mouth-corners. One extremelyimportant aspect to mind while performing these exercises is the person’soverall posture. The proper posture is known to have an influence and to affectjust about any part of the person’s body, which on the other hand, makes all thechin related exercises much more beneficial and result yielding. One thing aperson should always keep in mind and try to follow up consistently is to keepone’s head up – in a natural position, not a forced one, of course, and do sowhen one is either standing or sitting. In return, the effect this is going tohave is the one of investing even more strength into the muscles of the throatso they can gradually become taut.

Exercise suggestions

To begin with a quite uncomplicated one, this exercise can be performed on a regulardaily basis and at that time of the day when one is getting ready to embracethe pillow and sleep the night away. All one should do is lie on the side, andonce the head is on the pillow, the neck should be moved in a backwardsdirection, i.e. it needs to be stretched by way of tilting one’s head back. Oneimmensely important thing to have in mind at all times is that all themovements that are performed should be unobtrusive, slow and gentle, at anangle which a person in question finds most comfortable and most at ease with.Anotherquite beneficial one involves taking a comfortable standing position and slowly raising one’s head away from the chest, moving it back as faras possible but making sure not to strain it.Next is to close one’s mouthuntil a person’s feels the stretching of the muscles. Count to ten and thenrest by bringing the head in its original position.

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