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Neck muscle exercises are very important, and they should be incorporated in every workout routine. Having a strong neck is very important for prevention of serious injuries, which are frequent among the athletes. Having a strong neck can also prevent the injuries to the spinal cord. Moreover, strong neck looks impressive on a well-built body and adds to an image of powerful and strong men. Here are some great neck exercises that can help to increase the flexibility of neck muscles and build up the neck muscles.
Neck Flexion
This is a great exercise for muscles performed by sitting down in the chair and moving the head back while looking up at the ceiling. This exercise is even harder if an exerciser uses weight or towel on a forehead and supports the balance with both hands through movement.
Neck Extension
Neck extension is a simple and very effective exercise. It is performed by putting a hand against the forehead and looking straight ahead while applying resistance. The head slowly comes down until the chin meets the chest.
Isometric Neck Exercise - Sides
This exercise is one of the best that starts with both head and neck in a neutral position. Left hand is placed on the left side of the head and pushed in an opposite direction while the muscles work to restrict the movements of the head. The pressure should rise slowly while the exerciser continues breathing slowly. It is important to take a short rest before repeating the exercise on the other side of the head.
Lateral Flexion - Ear to Shoulder
This exercise starts in the midline neutral position. It is possible to do it while lying flat on the back or sitting up straight. The goal of the exercise is to gently bend the neck in an attempt to touch the shoulder with the ear. When the stretch is felt in the opposite side of the neck, one should hold a position for about 20 seconds. It is important to continue breathing and very sensitively and slowly return to starting position. The stretch is repeated at least four times on each side of the body.
The "Double Chin" Exercise
This is an easy exercise performed by pulling the neck back and holding it for a while. The goal is to keep the chin level while sliding the neck back instead of allowing the chin to raise. The chin should always be levelled with the floor as the exerciser pulls the neck back until the skin under it bunches and forms a double chin. The exercise is held a couple of seconds and repeated about 10 times.

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