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A Symptom of Aging

Experiencing numerous physical changes is the main sign of getting older. As soon as you stop your physical development, in your 20s, you are bound to experience the onset of aging throughout the rest of your life. Then, one of the main signs of this experience is your skin. Wrinkles, spots and various anomalies start appearing on your skin. Besides these, sagging neck is quite an often sight, regarding older people. However, this condition may be caused by other factors as well. Namely, being overweight may make your neck look saggy. On the other hand, losing weight abruptly will quite surely lead to the appearance of this neck skin phenomenon. All in all, many different things may be done in order to stop this process and make your skin more flexible and tight. While some people choose cosmetic surgeries and various medications, others choose natural, yet highly effective way of restoring your youthful neck appearance, exercising. In fact, there are exercises specifically made for tightening the skin of your neck area. Read on to get introduced into this special workout process.

Exercises for Removal and Prevention of Sagging Neck

The following exercises may not reverse time and give you your old skin back. Nevertheless, they will make your skin look younger and tighten it significantly. Also, you will look younger due to better facial blood circulation these exercises bring.

The first exercise for these purposes involves you either sitting in a chair or standing straight. Then, move your head and chin a bit backwards. After doing this, place your lower lip above your upper one and stay in that position for about 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times for best results.

The second exercise starts from the same two variants of your body position. However, you are to place your tongue onto the roof of your mouth, move your head backwards, lower it a bit and keep it in that position for some time. This too requires 5 repetitions.

Next, from the same initial position, tilt your head backwards and look into the ceiling. Then, with your mouth closed, pretend that you are chewing onto something and repeat this for about 20 chews.

Also, you might consider placing your thumb below your chin and, then, moving your tongue in a certain position, as if you were going to touch the thumb from the inside. Then, lie down and try to lift your shoulder so as to almost touch your chest with your chin. While at the maximum, hold it for 10 seconds. Do this 5 times.

Finally, from the same body position as the first two exercises require, with your mouth closed, try to smile as wide as you can. Then, once you achieve this, make your lips form a kissing position and keep it for 5 seconds. Ten repetitions will be enough.

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