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The Importance of Proper Posture

Most of us still remember our parents'voices telling us to the straighten our backs, walk properly and makesure our postures are proper all of the time. Even though many of ushated this when we were children, as we grow older we realize thereasons behind all these rigorous reminders. Namely, improper posturecan lead to numerous problems in the long run. You may suffer fromback problems along with neck and joint pain and stiffness.Furthermore, your wrong posture may make you get tired more easily,since it will strain your body excessively. For all these, and manyother reasons it is important to know what does proper posturerepresent and how to achieve it, therefore experiencing all of itsbenefits.

It order to perform a test, checking ifyour posture is good or not, stand in front of a mirror. First, youneed to check your chin, since it has to be parallel to the floor.Then, make sure your neck is straight, and your head not tilting onany side. Next, check your shoulder and ankles, make sure they are inline and are straightened as well. Move on to the sides, check thesame things, along with your back. The latter has to be straight, andits lower part needs to make a curve on the inside, making yourstomach flat. If you fail at any of these, read on and learn how toestablish the best posture possible.

Proper Posture Tips and Tricks

In order to make your chin used tobeing adequately lifted, you may consider moving it backwards withouttiling your head. Once you achieve this, keep it in such a positionfor about 10 seconds, before returning it into a relaxed, initialposition, repeating the whole procedure two times.

For straight shoulders, sit on a chairand keep your hands on your thighs. Then, move your shouldersbackwards and return them into the initial position, repeating theprocess five times. Alternatively, you may spread your arms wide andthen bend them in the elbows. Once having this done, keep thisposition and stretch your shoulders back so that your shoulder bladesget squeezed back. Keep it at the peak for 10 seconds before relaxingand repeat five times.

For shoulders, chest and backexercising, it is best to sit straight, push your breastbone upkeeping your back straight and your shoulders a moved backwards abit. Keep it that way for 10 seconds before returning to the initialposition. Again, five repetitions will suffice.

Finally, there is an importantbreathing exercise for proper posture. Sit down with your backstraight. Then, inhale deeply as much as you can. Upon exhaling, keepyour abs tight and delay inhaling for 10 seconds. When you inhaleagain, hold it for 10 seconds as well.

Of course, control your proper postureall the time for maximum effect.

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