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Simple Yet Effective

Numerous researches have shown the importance of neck exercises for pain relief. Namely, once you correct your posture, and move your neck in an adequate way, you may stop numerous painful sensations which have troubled you beforehand. Therefore, knowing how to exercise by using your neck, you will keep your body in shape and maintain a proper posture at all times.

The Best Exercises for Neck

First and foremost, the following, quite simple exercises, has proven to be more than effective when doing away with neck pain as well as numerous other conditions connected with body posture. By simply moving your neck a bit backwards, in order to be in line with your shoulders, and by widening the shoulders and straightening your spine you will set up an excellent base for this simple exercise. Next, you simply have to move your neck and your head slowly, in a nodding manner. This exercise has shown to be more than effective with numerous cases of neck pain, reducing it almost immediately. This way you relax your neck muscles and provide their better performance. After several repetitions, your neck posture will be better, as well as your body posture in general.

Additionally, this enables your neck muscles more strength and makes them able to endure more daily stress without being injured in any way. This may be done while lying down as well. The important thing is to keep your breathing relaxed and maintain its consistency. Breathe in while raising your head and exhale while lowering your chin doing the opposite neck motion. Try to breathe from your diaphragm during the process. Additionally, while you breathe in, your stomach should be pushed out while when you breathe out the motion should be inversed as well. Breathing correctly is crucial for this exercise.

Additional Exercises and Advices

First of all, place your finger on your chin. Afterwards, retract your neck in order to move the chin away from the finger without looking down or moving your head. Repeat the action slowly several times. This exercise should be done while sitting properly and repeated every half an hour.

Secondly, relax your head and move your shoulders and your entire back towards the floor, leaning in that direction. Repeat the finger-neck exercise while in this position. Of course, now when you move your chin you will be looking in the direction of the ceiling. Repeat this 10 times.

Finally, the moderate version of this exercise involves standing next to a wall with a ball behind your head. Without looking down, you should move your chin and neck as when nodding. Do this action slowly, making small pauses when your chin is back in. Repeat the motion 10 times and do it two times a day.

These exercise will prove to be effective for your posture and overall well-being. In order to control your movements you may exercise in front of a mirror or with a experienced partner.

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