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Facial Exercises for Jowls

No average gym goer pays much attention to his or her jowls. The fact is, if the person's face starts losing its roundness, the jawline might start dropping, thus leading to the formation of jowls.

With time, the firm faceline gets replaced with soft and deformed skin. The skin sagging is about the first and foremost visible sign of aging, and it doesn't really have to look that way – despite one's age.

The strongest factor which leads to the formation of jowls is the fact that one's skin, with age, starts losing its elasticity. This deformation may occur in an earlier age as well.

That's why there are jowl exercises which prevent and postpone the previously mentioned sagging of the skin, for as long as possible:

The first exercise helps tighten the muscles underneath the jawline. One is to sit up, and tilt the head backwards as if to look up. The lips are to remain closed, and the jaw to start moving as if it were chewing. This is to be repeated 20 times.

The second exercise addresses sagging jowls. The following exercise is to be repeated 5 times. A person may sit or stand, but the head is to be tilted backwards. In this case, the lips are apart. The tongue is to extend, as if to attempt to touch the tip of the chin. It is to last for five seconds, and then move back in – as the head moves back forward.

The third exercise tightens the muscles beneath the jawline, as the chin. Again, the head is tilted backwards as if to look up at the ceiling. The lips should be pressed against each other as hard as possible for five seconds. This is to be repeated five times.

In this exercise the person is working with the jaw muscles – the ones located where the jaw meets the skull. The head is to move to the right, while the chin is perpendicular to the floor. The position is to be held for about five seconds, when the head should move to the other side, likewise. It is to be repeated five times.

This exercise refers to double chin benefits. One is to open one's mouth as wide as possible. The lower lip is then to be pulled over the lower teeth. In this position, the jaw is then to move up and down 30 times.

The last exercise tightens the muscles around the neck and chin. One is to lie flat on a bed, but in such a way that the head hangs off the edge. The head is then to be brought to the chest, where it is to stay for 5 seconds, and then move back again. It is to be repeated 5 times.

It is apparent that despite many other options such as cosmetic surgery and such, these exercises will prove the most efficient anti-aging technique.

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