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The Importance of Knee Exercises

Our knee is one of our body parts mostprone to injury. Therefore, we must make sure we keep this parts ofour body strong in order to endure the daily stress we pose upon it.Namely, our knee is controlled by several muscles. These are thehamstring and quadriceps as well as some others. Logically, byperforming exercises which will keep these muscle groups in shape, weare to reduce risks of knee injury to the very minimum. Thus, allthat one needs to do is to follow what the following instructions sayand, therefore, ensure strong and flexible knees.

Additionally, make sure you perform thenecessary stretching and warming up exercises before commencing withthe ones about to be mentioned.

Quadriceps Exercises for Strong Knees

In order to exercise and improve yourknee contraction, you are to sit on a chair with your legs spread outin the air, only your heals touching the floor. After assuming such aposition, you are to to contract your thigh muscles and keep themthat way for a period of about 10 seconds. Then, after performingthis successfully, relax the muscles, wait several seconds and repeatthe process again. Ten repetitions of this exercise make one completeset. Your successful workout plan is to have two or three sets daily.

The second exercise involves you lyingon the floor with your knees bent at a 90 degrees angle and your feeton the floor. Then, interchangeably, spread one leg at a time, makingit straight, in line with the other knee. Hold the position forseveral seconds before changing the leg. Repeat ten times.

Thirdly, you are to stand with yourknees facing what is in front of you at all times. Then, bend a bitin the knees themselves and, interchangeably, raise one leg at a timewhile balancing your body afterwards. Several repetitions arerecommended.

Hamstring Exercises for Strong Knees

The first exercise for these musclesinvolves sitting in a chair with one's heels on the floor andstretching his or her upper body until hamstring tension is felt.Hold the tension peak for about ten seconds and repeat after a pauseof three seconds. Ten repetitions are recommended.

Secondly, you are to be lying on thefloor on your stomach. Then, put one of your legs over the heel onthe other. Afterwards, try to lift the obstructed leg up, bending itand, after achieving this, return to the initial position. Repeatthis ten times with holding the strain position for several seconds.

Finally, alternatively, you may walkbackwards in order to strengthen your hamstring. Also, forstrengthening your knees in general, try swinging your heels up toyour buttocks while holding on to the back of a chair. Do thisinterchangeably with one of your legs and feel the muscles on yourknees getting stronger.

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