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Plastic cosmetic surgery of a chin or mentoplasty is a plastic surgery that reshapes chin with implant enhancement or the bone reduction. A plastic surgeon often suggests chin surgery to patients who do a nose surgery, so they can make a new proportion of face, cause the look of chin visually size up or size down nose. The surgeons are familiar with the fact that chins surgery balance the face.

Plastic surgery tries to achieve symmetry of lower face in order to achieve right symmetry of a profile. It is done by planting a silicone implant in the chin. The other part of surgery is moving the bone forward in order to develop chin. The reduction of chin or any kind of moving or removing, sizing down or up is called chin surgery. There is also a sub mental liposuction to redefine the chin line or neck line. Liposuction means sucking out extra fat tissue from under the chin. Double chin has something to do with structure birth defects in the jaw. After the surgery the face looks much better.

An operated spot needs a week time for bruising and swelling to vanish, but numbing is possible to last more then one week. The incision from the surgery is located on mouth, so there is a little risk for infection, so a proper oral hygiene after the surgery is important. In the recovery period it is necessary to adapt to a new eating habit, which means only soft food for some time. Facial surgery is pretty safe, but there is a still some risk. The complications can occur if implants move or shift out. If the implant moves then another operation may be necessary. And numbness might be a side effect of chin surgery.

There are 3 kind of plastic surgery;

A Chin Reduction or GenioplastyChin reduction is a surgery for people who have microgenia or underdeveloped chin. The surgery alters chin by taking out extra bone from the original chin bone. A projected chin is resolved by removing the tip of the chin bone and replacing it forward to alter contour. The incision is located inside the mouth at the lower lip. And the chin gets to be stabilized with wires. A side effect of the surgery is swelling.The Augmentation of a Chin or Enhancement GenioplastyIt is a cosmetic surgery for development of a small chin and it is done with implants made out of silicone chin. The surgery is done with tightening the neck skin. The incision is made in the mouth and under the chin, the implants are set in the pockets about the bone chin and the scars are located under the chin. Submental Lipectomy or Correction of a Double ChinA double chin means an excess fat and skin beneath the chin, so the facelift is not welcomed here. With this surgery, small incision is located under the chin in order to remove extra fat by liposuction. The muscles are here stitched together. The liposuction is performed together with a cheek lift or neck lift. A chin implant can be added to alter basic shape and rebalance face, in order to reshape the jaw line.

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