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The Torso Unity

There is a great misconceptionregarding our torso and exercises for this part of our body. Namely,many people divide this part of our structure while working out.Thereby, we have exercises for our back, abs, chest and other muscles done separately. Even though often implemented, this is not agood method. Rather, in order to have a strong upper part of yourbody, one should concentrate on doing exercises which stimulate andinvolve all of the muscles from the torso area. This way, you willexperience a more holistic effect which will be quicker and moreprominent than that which would result from focusing on a sole groupof muscles. The following exercises are those which involve both theupper and the lower torso, helping you get the most out of yourregular workout.

The Torso Exercises

If you desire an exercise which willinvolve your shoulders, arms and abdominal muscles at the same time,try performing dips. This exercise involves you sitting on the edgeof a chair, supporting your body with your arms. Then, you are tomove the upper part of your body off the chair, while keeping yourlegs straightened and your heels on the ground. One achieving this,and supporting your whole body with your straightened hands restingon the chair, bend them in the elbows and lower your body until yourelbows make a 90 degree angle with the chair. Afterwards, return tothe initial position.

Next is the bird dog exercise. Stand onall fours, using your knees and keeping your hands straight belowyour shoulders. Then, straighten your left arm so that it points infront of you. At the same time, do the same with your leg, with theexception of it stretching to point behind you. Hold this positionfor about half a minute before repeating up to 5 times. This willmake your spine, bottom, hamstring and shoulders stronger.

If you want to strengthen your spine,you might want to try standing up with your hands straight above yourhead. Then, bend your upper body forward making your hands facing infront of you. Jump backwards and move your legs back until you standon all fours. Hold this position for about 15 seconds and then repeatthe whole process for up to 7 times.

Oblique crunches will make your torsostrong and muscular. These are performed while lying down on theground with your legs bent in the knees. After doing this, whileplacing your palms behind your neck and not using them during theexercise, you are to strengthen your left leg in the air while, atthe same time touching your right knee with your left elbow. Uponswapping the elbow, you are to swap the straightened legs as well. Do10 repetitions for each elbow.

Finally, you might want to benefit fromlying down on the ground with your arms above your head and your toespointing the opposite way. Then, you are to raise both your legs andyour arms and upper torso, so as to grab your ankles and hold theposition for several seconds. Repeat this 10 times.

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