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One of the most unsightly and easily noticeable effects of gaining weight is the build up of fat under the chin that gives the appearance of another chin growing directly underneath. The most common reason a double chin occurs is obviously obesity. When a person is not eating well and is not exercising, then fat will build up more and more and spread to every single part of that person’s body. Eventually, fat builds up in the face area as well.

Another big reason some people have a double chin is heredity. Just like any other physical characteristic that is passed down from generation to generation, a double chin can be inherited as well. However, most commonly, weight gain is the real problem. When the body loses its elasticity, the skin under the chin becomes loose and drops, which is how a double chin can occur also. However, this only happens to elderly people. One surprising cause of a double chin is poor posture.

People who are slumped over all day in front of a desk or computer at work can sometimes get a double chin, because the muscles in the front of the neck become frail. The main method of getting rid of that unwanted double chin is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and avoiding junk food. Believe it or not, there are actual exercises developed to get rid of the double chin.

One is to lie down straight with both the hands and legs on the floor and then slowly bring the chin to the chest and keep it at that position for about three seconds. Repeating this about 25 times will provide a good and concentrated workout for that small area of the body. Another exercise involves standing upright and tilting the head backwards slowly. It is important to do this slowly because fast, jerky motions could cause cramps or other injuries. The mouth must be closed as well. Once the head is tilted as far back as possible, it must be held there for ten seconds. This exercise should be repeated at least ten times.

Another way to get rid of the double chin is with surgery (chin liposuction), but there are easier, safer and less expensive methods as well. One everyday activity that can help get rid of a double chin is chewing gum regularly, because the action involved forces the mouth muscles to work constantly.

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