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People rely too much on diets, thinking that a process of keeping the eating habits under control for couple of weeks or months is enough to reach the wanted weight. In most cases, it actually is, but the problem is with the period that comes after dieting is over. Bit by bit, most of the people return to old eating habits, and slowly but steadily the lost pounds return. So, what should be done when it is obvious that diets don’t work and what does?


It is not true that diets are not effective. They are, but people have to understand that they work because of the rules that are followed. Once a diet is over, rules are forgotten and it is inevitable for the weight to go up. Can this be avoided? Of course it can, but the problem is that it requires more rules to be followed for the rest of the life, and those are rules of healthy eating. This is something people should apply form the very start. Many experts will say that healthy menu is all that is needed for elimination of excessive fat tissue. Of course, it might take more time than with the help of some restrictive diet, but it is a healthier option, and of course, since it is something constantly applied, pounds will never return!

Other options

Of course, dieting is not the only thing that might help, and there is also increased physical activity. This is something that should be done as much as possible because it will help the person on so many different levels. For example, energy levels are boosted (stronger and lighter body requires less energy), which will make a person always feel rested and able to perform anything needed. Physical activity is also good for enhancing certain functions in the body and basal metabolism is one of those. Keeping metabolism always working on higher levels will consume more energy and burn more fat tissue.

Of course, the best thing to do would be to combine a good diet program and exercising. This is something that should be done with the help of nutritionists and fitness instructors. This means that energy balance is the key here. Energy input should be lower than the output for a fat burning process to start, but it also must not be anything drastic, because it might make things even worse because the body tends to save the fat tissue if the intake of calories is greatly reduced.

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