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Dieting, dieting, dieting! It is definitely something that so many people apply today, no matter what the results are. This means that so many people today suffer from obesity but it also means that there are many who are simply not satisfied with their bodies, sometimes even if there is nothing wrong with how they look. Whatever the case, many diets are available and used today.

Types of diets

The type of dieting most commonly used today is a so-called fast, fad diet. This diet is based on the intake of very small quantity of calories daily, especially those that come from carbohydrates and fats. This means that there will not be enough energy for performing all daily activities, so that difference in energy has to be compensated. First what is used for that energy is glycogen molecules. But, since there are not many of them available, fat tissue is next. Fat burning is a process that results in weight reduction. One of the most popular fast diets is Atkins diet, which also uses the explained mechanism. The focus of this diet is on the use of proteins, while carbs are on the bare minimum. Even though this diet is very effective on the paper, it might cause some problems when it comes to health. Criticism on Atkins diet, but also on other diets from this group tells us that some organs, like brain for example, need glucose gained from food for a proper functioning. Also, fat burning might have some side products that are very toxic and will harm the organism (again the brain, for example).

There is also another problematic thing with these diets; because of the health aspect they do not last very long and a couple of weeks the most. This means that many people are able to withstand rigorous and strict rules of these diets. But, when a fast diet is over, unfortunately, people tend to return to their old way of eating, slowly increasing the amount of food and slowly reducing the quality of that food. So after some time, most people regain their lost pounds and actually go back to the starting weight value.

Healthy diet

This all means that slower diet should be used, the one that includes more healthy food, less starving and easier appliance of diet rules. Healthy eating must include 5 meals based on fruits, vegetables, some healthy meat, whole grains, low fat dairy products etc.

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