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There are so many diets available today that it is simply not possible not to lose weight, although that keeps happening all the time. There are many people who start dieting and then quit after a while, couple of days or couple of weeks. This is because people are so used to their eating habits that they simply cannot pull through a diet with restrictive rules. Even if they do, they easily return to old eating habits, and unfortunately, that also returns lost pounds.


One of the more interesting diets is a so-called gi diet. It tries to regulate the flow of glucose in the bloodstream and also to regulate the appetite. Glucose levels in blood are important because they can induce the creation of diabetes, for example. With increased eating and eating junk food rich with bad sugar, glucose levels in the blood increase drastically. To let all this glucose into cells, a lot of insulin has to be produced and that will remove almost all glucose from blood. Unfortunately, this will create more hunger and more need for intake of glucose. which means that eating healthy means that balanced intake of all nutrients is important. Also, there must be a proper ratio of all nutrients (proteins, fats and carbs). Additionally, there should always be vitamins and minerals included.


For creating a healthy menu that contains nothing but healthy and useful food, there are many food charts that may help. One of those is a food pyramid; it contains several levels with the base one being the widest. It contains a lot of food, but only healthy types, which means that this level contains a lot of fruits and vegetables. Next level includes healthy meat (poultry and fish, for example), low fat dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt etc.). This food should be taken in smaller amount than food from the base level. Next level usually contains food rich in saturated fat and bad carbs. Obviously, this is a level that should be avoided, or at least, used only occasionally.

There should be many meals in a day because that is enhancing the functioning of the digestion tract. With so many meals, the portion size is relatively small, which is another thing that benefits the digestion system. No matter what diet is used, increased physical activity must always be present. This is because this is another helpful thing for boosting metabolism and reducing the fat tissue.

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