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Losing weight might be a problem for some people because most of diets include rigorous rules and restrictions, which are hard to be followed sometimes. This is a problem but why? Where do diets go wrong and how to achieve healthy weight loss?


It has to be said that dieting is in its essence an unhealthy situation. Depriving a body of the needed calories in order to make that same body use fat tissue as a backup energy source is logical, but it is not a normal state that the organism should be in. This means that the entire inflow of calories should be based on eating and not something else. A healthy variation would include using increased physical exercise to burn some of those calories, but the end result is still the same – fat burning.

There are two types of diets; one would be a fast diet, which usually lasts for about two weeks, and there is also a longer option, which is much healthier and can last for as long as it is needed. Fast, fad diets (Atkins, cabbage diet, lemon juice diet etc.) are using very low intake of carbohydrates in order to induce the fat burning process. Since the value of calories is set at a really low level, a lot of energy is required for the normal functioning of the organism so a lot of fat tissue is burned. In a matter of couple of weeks, even days, a lot of pounds can be eliminated. The problem is that there are some side products of intensive fat burning process, which might be very harmful for the organism and which is why this diet must not last longer than the mentioned period.

Control of eating

Eating healthy is all about control and the main thing that has to be controlled is the mind of a person who needs to lose weight. This is because that extra weight did not come on its own, but it built up thanks to overeating and junk food (simply said, because of bad eating habits). In order to achieve healthy weight loss, those bad eating habits must be inverted into normal and healthy eating. This is the main problem with people – a battle with their inner selves, a tough fight with a person who wants nothing else but pure comfort and satisfying of all tastes. When this battle is won, taking those extra pounds down is really easy.

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