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Why do people say after some period of dieting: Dang, I hate diets? Is it possible that diets are so hard and restrictive that, in spite of all the positive effects they bring to the organism, people still hate them? Apparently, it is not easy to eliminate the bad eating habits, habits that have been deciding what is on the menu for years. This is where the true problem comes from, from the fact that eating tasty and delicious but still unhealthy is something a person cannot get rid of easily.


There are many questions that might be asked regarding the proper and healthy dieting and eating in general. Those would primarily concern the amount of energy needed for daily activities. This amount should be reduced in order to start a fat burning process. This energy is also affected by the increased physical activity, which is exactly where a problem might emerge. Sometimes people exercise too much and eat very small amounts of food because they desire quick and effective fat burning, and that leads to exhaustion, sometimes even dehydration. This problem will require a lot of resting and consuming liquids and food and it is definitely not something a person who wants to lose weight needs. There is also a question regarding the type of the diet used. People usually prefer fast diets, which promise losing a lot of pounds in a short period of time. Partially this is because effects of this types of diet emerge much quicker than with healthy, balanced eating. Still, the problem will emerge once a diet is over, when normal and healthy eating should be applied, without returning to the old, unhealthy eating. Because of the significant initial weight loss done by a fast diet, people tend to relax and to think that eating unhealthy couple of times in a week will not matter. But of course that it will matter, because couple of times in a week will become each day and then the effort made while dieting will be wasted.


If a person is unhappy with diets or simply cannot follow the rules, increased physical activity is a viable option. Of course, this does not mean that eating habits should not be changed, but then the change does not have to be so drastic as with some fast diet. Also, regular physical activity has so many positive effects on the body besides weight reduction, and it is something that should be done each and every day. For those who do not like sweating and exercising, there are some supplements and medications that help with losing weight. The final and most extreme option would be a surgery recommended for those whose health is endangered with presence of excessive pounds.

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