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When it comes topeople who suffer from obesity, theonly thing they think about is – how to lose weight fast? There are severalanswers to that question and the correct one depends on the person. For some,fast diets are an excellent opportunity, but for some that is not the option.This might be the case because of the fact that the fastest way is usually notthe safest or the healthiest.

Fast diets

There are fast, crashdiets that help people lose several pounds in a matter of couple of days, aweek or two. These diets are usually based on a minimal intake of one or twobasic nutrients (usually carbohydrates and fats). This starts fat burningprocess quickly, but the problem is with certain toxins that might be created asside products. Those toxins, which are made with ketosis process may be very dangerous,for brain especially. That is why fast diets do not last longer than two weeks.One of the examples is a famous Atkins diet, based on a very low intake ofcarbohydrates. Actually, the intake is so low that fat burning process startsin a very short time. Since the carb level is low, proteins are used forcompensation. Actually, this diet is famous because it allows eating all sortsof meat, since proteins are allowed.

Cabbage diet isanother fast, crash (also fad) diet, which is based on using a cabbage soup. Itis a meal that is used every day as one of the main meals or in situations whena hunger becomes too strong. This diet also emphasizes low levels of fats andcarbohydrates, but protein levels are normal. And since cabbage soup provides enoughof minerals and vitamins, this diet might be a bit healthier than Atkinsdiet. Actually, Atkins and cabbage diet are not the only crash diets that work.There are several more and they all reduce the excessive weight. The problem isin the post diet period when people slowly but steadily return to the oldeating habits and then the pounds return.

Slow diets

Fast, crash dietsshould be followed by some sort of a slow diet, the one that will continue thefat burning process, slowly, but healthier. Nice example is South beach diet,which combines couple of weeks of strict regime with healthy, balanced mealsthat come after fast dieting. Whatever option chosen, it might be a good thingto consult someone with more experience in the matter, just in order to get asmuch information as possible.

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