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Weight reduction is needed by all those peoplewho suffer from the obesity. Reasons are simple, increased weight might induceseveral medical problems later on, after years of being obese. Unfortunately,there are some serious conditions related to the heart muscle, of which some might be fatal.Also, there is diabetes, a condition which is not life threatening, but it requiressome strict lifestyle rules.

A person can lose weight with the help of several methodsand those are dieting, exercising, use of supplements and medications, coloncleansing, and surgery as the final option (used by those whose lives arealready threatened by extra pounds). Choosing a correct option is not easy;some consultation with experts might take place before starting anything. Somepeople have problems choosing between dieting or cleansing, but what helps to loseweight more?


There is a huge difference between fast, fad diets and controlled, healthy eating. Fastdiets help with quick weight loss in couple of weeks the most, and a lot ofpounds can be lost, but it will not all be fat tissue. There is also excessive waterand muscle tissue. Fast diet is based on very strict rules, whichallow the intake of very low level of calories and therefore, weight loss isinevitable. The problem is when a diet is over because the lost pounds might returneasily, since people do not realize that along with the eliminated pounds, bad eatinghabits have to be eliminated as well.

There are also healthy diets with no strict rules, with allnutrients included in a proper ratio. 5 or 6 meals has to exist in a day and withincreasing the number of meals, the amount of food decreases with each meal. Thishelps the body process the food a lot faster and basal metabolism is always active,which will consume some more energy, thus removing the fat tissue. This controlledeating is something that should be used constantly, since that is the only way for itto work.


Colon cleansing is a process of removing all the wastematerial from the colon. It is true that immediate weight loss will happen whenthe procedure is done, but no fat tissue will be eliminated in this way. Cleansingwill remove toxins from the body, increase energy levels, eliminate bacteria from the intestines and reduce the size of the intestines and belly, but will the fat tissuebe eliminated for good this way? No, but this is something that should be doneoccasionally, since it contributes to the health status.

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