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Dieting is something that many people have to rely on today. This is because obesity has become one of the most common medical conditions lately. Obesity is dangerous because it can induce emerging of some other medical problems, including diabetes, heart issues, and even problems like depression. It is not so easy to maintain the weight within normal range, but that has to be done in order to keep the organism healthy. If extra weight does become a problem, there are diets that should deal with it.


One of the most popular type of diets used today is a fad diet. What are some basic facts about fad diets and their usefulness? Fad, or fast diets lasts for about a week, or maybe two and more than this is simply not recommended. Fast diets are based on a big difference between the intake and output of energy. This means that the total value of calories inserted while eating is very low so that fat burning process starts within a very short time. Actually, the reserve of glycogen is depleted first, but that happens quickly and then the organism turns to the next energy source and that is fat tissue. The problem here is that sometimes fat burning process starts to use the proteins for energy and that is not good for the organism. Also, there are some side products that might be created, the substances that can do only harm to the organism, especially organs. This means that a person on a fast diet has to be careful and exaggerating with a dieting process is not recommended.

The problem

There is another problem with fast diet. Fad diet requires drastic change of habits, the one that will ensure quick weight loss. The problem is that many people can withstand this period because it simply does not last for long (as it has already been mentioned, two weeks at the most). But after this period, many people return to their old eating habits, some sooner some later, and also, the lost pounds return. Solving this problem requires creating a second diet, which should start immediately after a fast diet is over. Of course, this will not be anything strict, but a form of controlled eating. Combined with some light exercising, this might be a perfect combination for both weight loss and strengthening the body muscles.

South beach diet is an interesting combination of a diet followed by healthy eating. It includes three steps, with strict diet being the first, slow diet as the second step and normal, regular but healthy eating being the third and the final step, which should be used constantly from that moment on. This is a plan that will take some time for the first two steps, but the rules of diets must be applied correctly in that period in order for the third step to begin much faster.

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