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Losing weight definitely has to happen in cases when the extreme obesity is hurting people. When extra pounds pile up, there are some things that might happen, but the most dangerous would be problems with cardiovascular system, which might lead to serious heart conditions. What is the method for eliminating the excessive weight swiftly and efficiently?

Diets for weight reduction

There are fast diets that should help with eliminating a lot of extra pounds in a very short time. This period usually lasts for about two weeks, not more. In this period, a change of lifestyle and eating habits should be so drastic that a lot of weight will be gone. But when it comes to this quick weight loss, there are some things that should be known about it. Weight reduced with this type of diet is not all fat, but water and muscles are included in it. And when a diet is over, those pounds might return easily, because people start using old eating habits. Also, most of fast diets use some colon cleansing supplement, which empties the colon so it also reduces weight. But when bad eating habits kick in, this weight returns fast.

The problem here is in the fact that these diets are usually based on reducing the intake of carbs and fats. This leaves the organism on the minimum level of carbohydrates, which is the main source of energy. Unfortunately, the body does not know that this happened intentionally, so it goes into defensive mode and starts to preserve the fat tissue. But, since energy is still needed, it comes from proteins which are accumulated in the muscle tissue. And this is why fast diets are not so healthy. There is also a problem with some substances that might be created during dieting process (substances created in the processes of fat burning).

Exercising for weight reduction

It is true that some diets may be very effective, but the most powerful method is increased physical activity. This method allows normal and healthy eating. This balanced diet includes eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, poultry, cereals etc. Also, bad food is not allowed, although taking it occasionally will not create problems. Physical activity is not good only for weight reduction; there are several positive effects such as strong immune response, increased energy and libido, faster metabolism and, of course, stronger muscles and increased flexibility, stamina, and endurance.

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