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There are many ways to lose weight but more or less they all fail. This is not because the method is bad but because people cannot pull it through completely. And even if they do, they fail in the period after the diet, when healthy eating should be done. People cannot do that and return to old eating habits. Of course, this leads to obesity – again. Is there a truly effective method for weight loss, one quick way to lose weight and to keep that weight away for all times?

Dieting types

What does dieting actually mean? Most of the people will think of restrictive eating rules and they are right about it. But that is one way in which a diet can be done. There is also another way, which is actually healthy eating and this is something that should be applied all the time, even when excessive weight is gone. But it is not easy at all. Fast, crash diets do offer quick weight loss, but unfortunately, such weight loss is not based on the loss of the fat tissue only. The rules of this type of diets will also eliminate excessive water, while muscle tissue will also be reduced. So, a lot of weight can be lost, but there is a problem of those pounds returning after the diet is over.

The other type is not a fast one, definitely. It includes eating healthy but without restrictions and extreme reduction of some of the major nutrients. This type of dieting will reduce weight but over some time, a lot longer than the first method. Some diets actually include both types of diets, first type for initial motivating weight loss, and after that one is done, slow diet is applied.

Exercising types

In order to increase the speed of the metabolism, physical activity has to be increased. People apply cardio workout usually in the form of jogging, swimming, or aerobics for weight loss. But, muscle mass building can be performed too, it also consumes energy, although a bit less than cardio and it will strengthen the muscles and tone them, too. There is no definite formula for quick weight loss. The same method might have different effects on different people. This means that many methods should be tried first before a person establishes what the best fat burner for him or her is. But generally, eating less and exercising more is a basic formula that should always have a positive effect.

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