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Backfiring Diets

Weight and ways of maintaining body mass with exercising and proper diet are a very popular issue today. But there is a problem that most people face when following rules regarding eating. Most people cannot or do not follow these rules. Points, servings and calories should be counted according to the experts of dieting. Certain diets require a total elimination of a certain food group from your diet, while others say you have to consume pre-packaged meals. The following lines will help you make a management plan for your body weight.

Food Deprivation Effects

If we do not eat food for a longer period of time, our body will activate complex and primitive survival mechanism, which will help during these times so that one can survive. Starvation today is very rare so these situations are usually our choice. The human body will adapt to the new situation and the lack of nutrients, and the result of this is the backfire of the diet. Muscle, fat and water are lost when we conduct a restrictive diet. When we starve, the calories we burn come from the muscles, so the metabolism has to be lowered and this is done when we sacrifice some muscle mass. This process is a part of the survival. The storage of fat is very quickly replenished when we return to the normal diet, but the lost muscles will not return as fast as fat. After the diet, you will have higher metabolism and body fat percentage, which is the reason why people gain more weight than lost previously. Mind and the body will not accept the food deprivation so likely.

Feeling of deprivation is experienced when we starve and this will result in strong cravings. But if we succumb to these cravings, we eat foods considered bad for our organism and we will experience a feeling of guilt. At this point, you may even stop with the diet and start eating foods you have been deprived of. So when this happens, professionals tend to blame the persons who start eating, but in fact, diets need to take the blame. Diets focus on how much and what we eat, but they disregard the reason for eating. Certain emotional problems are not tackled during the starvation diets and once you end with the diet, you will continue from where you began. We have to say that diet can be effective only if you are prepared to follow it till the end of your life. In order to maintain your body weight, you have to work on the relationship with the food and try to control the emotional triggers.

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